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An exploit was discovered shortly before submission. I submitted V2, which fixes this exploit. The two versions are otherwise identical.

Threadpoint - The fastest game ever made (to our knowledge)

You are nothing but a sacrificial lamb, sent to the slaughter by the E V I L aliens...

- Race though alien tunnels at breakneck speed
- Sacrifice integral Attachments to survive by squeezing your ship through Threadpoints
- Avoid the delicate humans trapped in highly advanced pickle jars
- Hitting the Human Obstacles will dismantle an attachment of your craft, or worse, kill you!
- Reach 100,000 score and unlock random mode!
- Keyboard supported
- Controller (Xbox or PS4) supported

How far will you get?
How long will you survive?
You will go up in flames eventually. We guarantee you that. (That, or you will have a seizure...)

Attachments and effects (stackable):
- Wing (+25% threading ability)
- Engine (+25% maneuverability)
- EMP (+25% EMP recharge rate)
- Generator (+25% Shield recharge rate)
- Radar (Enables pre-emptive awareness of Threadpoint spokes)

Install instructions

Download, unzip, play. Pretty simple. Best played with a controller.


Threadoint_V2.zip 70 MB
Threadpoint.zip 70 MB

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